Dr Hans Nagar

Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon & Oncologist

What problems do you specialise in ? 

I am happy to see women who have gynaecological problems such as pelvic pain, heavy or irregular periods, vaginal discharge,  ovarian cysts, abnormal smears, cancer screening, vulval problems (such as VIN or Lichen sclerosus) and menopausal health.
I do not treat women with bladder problems or prolapse and believe these women should be looked after by a sub specialist Urogynaecologist.

 I’m not sure the list above includes me?

If you are not sure if that includes your problem then feel free to 
email me. I’m happy to recommend another gynaecologist if necessary.

Why should I go for private care?

The National Health Service does provide a good overall standard of care but  many people are not happy with the delays in waiting for an appointment or  surgery. Women in particular, when dealing with personal problems prefer to see the same doctor at each clinic visit or to know the surgeon performing their procedure. This may not be the case in the NHS.

Do you offer antenatal  or Obstetric (pregnancy) care?

No, the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology has become highly  specialised and  I believe keeping up to date in both is increasingly difficult. My extended training in the field of gynaecology and gynaecological cancer has allowed me to stop practicing Obstetrics and concentrate fully on my gynaecology service.

Why should I see you?

A combination of my extended training and wide breadth of experience mean that I can offer a high level of gynaecological care. Because I no longer carry out Obstetrics (pregnancy and child birth), I can give my gynaecological service the full concentration it deserves.  

What do I need to bring with me?

Most women should bring along a referral letter from their GP (or another Doctor). The date of your last period may be important and a list of any medication you take  is also very helpful.
Some women like to bring along someone else and you are welcome to bring along a relative or friend.

What if I am not insured?

I am happy to see women whom are not insured. Please
email me to ask about the fee. If you require a procedure you will offered the option of being transferred into my NHS practice at the Belfast City Hospital or for fixed price surgery at the Ulster independent Clinic.

What if am insured?

Please arrange an appointment by
phone or online. You should contact your medical insurance company prior to any visits to confirm your policy  covers gynaecological problems.

 What if I  live outside Northern Ireland can I still come and see you?

Yes, I have many patients whom live outside the Northern Ireland and indeed the UK. I would be happy to see you at your convenience and communicate with you by phone or email for results.

 What if I want to see a female doctor?

It is understandable that some women prefer to a see another woman for something as personal as a gynaecological problem. I would be happy to recommend a female colleague if you 
email me.